The Verified Resources is a platform, which is a solution to select set of problems in the recruitment process being faced by employers worldwide especially in countries like India, Brazil, Indonesia, Philippines and East Europe where supply of manpower is in abundance. Employers need to confirm antecedents of prospective employees such as:

  1. Duration of past employment
  2. Status of exit formalities
  3. Last withdrawn salary
  4. Notice period served or not?

The platform works from "Person-to-Person" and facilitates the authentication of employment records, protecting the employers from cv frauds and eventually saving them time and money. If put to full use, it will serve as benchmark for the HR industry.

Money invested on
wrong hiring

India and US are among the top five countries frequently
choosing wrong employees, which mostly cost 4 to 6
times the candidate's salary

  • 29%

    Indian Companies Claim of losing over $37,150
    on single wrong hiring respectively.

  • 27%

    American firms Claim of losing over $50,000
    on single wrong hiring respectively.

The Problem

84% Indian Firms and 66% US Firms accepted of being effected adversely by wrong hiring. This occurs largely due to ignoring of past employment records of the candidates.

This does not only create financial loss but also wastes time, efforts and money.

The benefit

Right hiring

with analysis of verified employment

Quick screening

of candidate's background, leading
to time-saving benefits

Cost saving

on recruitment and training process


What if I have not served the notice period in my last organization?

We encourage you to get yourself validated, and explain to your future employer what were the reasons, and how you plan to solve them in future. At the same time, we also advise the employers to carry out due diligence and should not refuse employment to employees with such records.

What If I have gaps in my employment duration?

We would still ask you to add that to your work history. As that would provide confidence to your future hirers.

Why can't I provide any negative review for my past employee?

We respect Fair Credit Reporting Act and Equal Employment Opportunity Act. We believe that even if your past employee has behaved unprofessionally or has done something wrong, he/she should be given another chance to access employment opportunities.